Employer Services
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Employer Services

MakroHealth is the champion of your cause and your partner in the candidate selection process. We begin with taking the time and opportunity to understand your establishment’s macro-level needs and your expectations for a potential employee. This ensures that our experienced headhunters and recruiting professionals are able to pinpoint and pick out the best of the lot.


Our work goes beyond resume screening, practical evaluations, and database searching. We complement these rudiments with an array of personal and in-depth interviews and comprehensive background inquiries. Our clients count on us to make recruitment effective rather than yielding to strenuous and prolonged methods like posting want ads that don't yield and going into meeting after meeting with countless unsuitable candidates.


MakroHealth’s exclusive recruitment methodology consistently insures the perfect professional and personal match between you and our candidates.


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Positions we serve:


Allied Health

  • Medical Technologists
  • Lab Technicians
  • Rehab/Therapy
  • Pharmacists
  • Medical Social Workers
  • Medical Assistants

Healthcare IT

  • Clinical Information Services
  • Data Analysis
  • Database Management
  • Project Management
  • Software Development
  • System Analysis
  • Systems/Network Engineer
  • Systems Security
  • Telecommunications

Healthcare Administration

  • Executives
  • Medical and health services managers
  • Billing and posting clerks and machine operators
  • Bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks
  • Receptionists and information clerks
  • Executive secretaries and administrative assistants
  • Medical secretaries
  • Office clerks, general

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